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Storage Unit Sizes and Pricing

Unit Sizes
We have a wide variety of storage unit sizes available for rent. Our smallest unit is 10'x10', perfect for those who need just a little bit of space to hold basic household items. Many students find this storage unit size great to hold the things that don't fit in cramped dorm rooms. The 10 x 10 unit size is also perfect for storing your holiday decorations.  

Our largest storage unit is 43 x 40, big enough for nearly anyone's needs. The larger units are great for vehicles storage, boat storage, trailer storage or for storing your belongings while between houses. Remember, all our units are indoor, so your vehicles won't face harsh-winter or hot-summer damage!

Please refer to the storage unit size list below to see all the sizes available. If you are unsure which size would best fit your needs, feel free to speak with one of our friendly employees. We'd love to help you.

Unit Pricing
Ace Storage has very competitive rates for storage unit rental. The price per square foot is as low as 17 cents! These great prices coupled with our friendly service make Ace Storage the best choice to take care of your storage needs. Storage units are rented month to month so you don't have to worry about being locked in for an unreasonable amount of time. For those who want to pay ahead though, there are great incentives! Find out how you can save money on your monthly storage rental by paying ahead by contacting us today. 

Payments are due on the 5th of each month and can be paid by cash, check or credit card. For those paying by credit card you can use our convenient online bill pay feature. Simply click the link at the top right hand side of the page to get started. 

Other fees include: 
Late Charge: $20 
Returned Check Fee: $25

Unit Dimensions Price/Month Sq Ft Perfect for...
9 x 12 $35 108
10 x 10 $30 100 College Students
10 x 20 $55 200
10 x 30 $70 300
12 x 22 $65 264 Household Items, Decorations, Business
12 x 30 $80 360
13 x 30 $90 390
13 x 40 $115 520
18 x 52 $200 936
42 x 30 $210 1260
43 x 40 $300 1720 Storing Boats, Vehicles, Trailers